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Recovery Truck Winch Instructions

1. Connect the remote control

Always disconnect the remote control when not in use. Always have the remote control kept free from the winch, wire cable and fairlead.

2. Disengage clutch function

Lift the clutch-handle up and turn it at 90˚ counter-clockwise rotation to the “Disengaged” position. The wire cable can now be pulled freely off the drum. Never disengage the clutch while the wire cable is under load.

3. Pull the wire cable to the vehicle being recovered

Wear leather gloves when handling the wire cable. Pull out enough cable to reach the anchor point on the vehicle that is being recovered. Be careful to keep the cable under tension.

4. Engage the clutch function

To engage, list the T-handle and turn it at 90˚ clockwise rotation to the “Engaged” position. Never engage the clutch while the drum is rotating.

5. Secure the cable to the anchor point of the vehicle being recovered

Select a safe and firm anchor point. Nowadays most vehicles have a removable towing eye that will need fitting to the vehicle.

6. Winching operation

Before winching, make sure the cable is wound on the drum evenly. If there is a mixed winding, it is essential to rewind it evenly. Whenever possible partially apply the recovered vehicles handbrake throughout the winching process.

7. Begin winching

Apply force to the cable to have it wind on the drum evenly. Continue pulling until the vehicle being recovered is fully on the transporters bed.

8. Secure the recovered vehicle

Always use all 4 of the supplied securing straps to secure the recovered vehicle to the bed of the transporter.

9. Precautions when winching

Make sure the wire cable is wound on the drum evenly. A tight spiraled pig-tailed cable will damage its life and the also cause injury.

  • Keep clear of the winch, cable and hook during winching.
  • Keep winching area clear. Do not allow people to remain in the area while winching.
  • Never guide a wire cable onto the drum with your hand.
  • Avoid remote control cord from touching the wire cable.
  • A winching operation requires extra consumption of battery power, so always keep the transporters engine running.

10. Inventory

  • Winch and Clutch Unit
  • Winch Cable and Hook
  • 4 x Ratchet Straps
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 2 x Rear Ramps

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